LED Lighting: The Wave Of The Future For Refrigerated Display Cases

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LED Lighting: The Wave Of The Future For Refrigerated Display Cases

14 March 2017
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No matter how sharp your product packaging is, if it is not showcased and displayed properly, your overall marketing plan can be adversely affected. Nowhere is this truer than in the case of refrigerated food displays. Eating is a multi-sensory experience, and in the case of your product in the grocery case, it starts with your targeted customers' eyes. LED lighting has the advantage over traditional fluorescent lighting when it comes to making your product packaging look attractive and desirable. LED lighting has other benefits as well. Here's what you need to know about this ever-changing innovative technology.

LED Lighting Saves Money

Fluorescent tubes not only require more energy to run than LED lighting strips, they also use more energy in other areas. For example, because of the heat that a fluorescent tube puts off, the compressor in a refrigerated product display unit must work harder to keep the unit at the required temperature for food safety purposes.

LED lighting uses far less energy, lasts far longer, and nets substantial long-term energy and monetary savings. Because fluorescent and incandescent lighting is so inefficient and wasteful, they are slowly being phased out by the lighting industry.

One thing customers may not be prepared for is the initial outlay required. LED lighting for refrigerated cases is cheaper than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs in the long run, because one bulb typically lasts 25,000 hours, whereas the others don't last as long and must be replaced more often. But the LED light bulbs do tend to cost slightly more to begin with.

Reduced Maintenance, Care, And Replacement

While making the switch from fluorescent tube lighting to LED strip lighting will require a year or two to see a return on your investment for the light bulbs themselves, you will immediately see the financial benefits in other ways. Because LED light strips or bulbs last so long, you won't need to have maintenance workers wasting their time going around changing light bulbs nearly as often.

You will also see a savings over time with your equipment. Refrigerated or freezer units that are switched over to LED lighting mean they won't have to work as hard not to keep the unit at temp, saving wear and tear on the compressor and other parts.

High Tech Displays

LED lighting can now be controlled remotely. The lighting can be dimmed or a filter can be applied that gives the lighting whatever color the retailer or producer desires. This will allow for more flexibility with merchandising displays.