Use These Tips To Reduce The Risk Of Damaging Your Smartphone In The Car

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Use These Tips To Reduce The Risk Of Damaging Your Smartphone In The Car

12 May 2017
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If you own and use an iPhone for an extended period of time, there's a chance that you'll end up damaging it and needing to get it repaired. A cracked iPhone screen can occur before you're able to react, but a local repair shop that specializes in iPhones will be able to help you. It's ideal, however, to do all that you can to prevent damage to your mobile device. It's easy to damage your iPhone in your car, perhaps because your mind is busy with other things as you're getting in and out of the car or driving. Here are some tips that you can use to reduce this risk.

Keep It Out Of Your Back Pocket

Many people store their iPhone in the back pocket of their pants, as this location makes the phone easy to retrieve while you're standing or walking. Unfortunately, it's also easy to climb into your car and sit on the phone, potentially cracking the screen. This can especially be the case if you're thinking about something else when you get into the car or talking to a passenger. It's best to get in the habit of holding your iPhone elsewhere, such as in a coat pocket or your purse.

Use A Dedicated Holder

It's handy to invest in an iPhone holder that mounts to your dashboard or elsewhere in your vehicle. Such devices are readily found in electronics stores, general merchandise stores, and online. When you have a dedicated holder in your vehicle, you'll get into the habit of mounting your iPhone in it as soon as you get into the car. This prevents you from perhaps setting the phone down on the dashboard or in the console. When the phone is in either position, it can easily slip off onto the floor when you accelerate or break, resulting in a crack to the screen.

Take It With You

If you're getting in and out of your car several times in a short period of time, it's easy to leave your phone in its holder for convenience. However, doing so can be a risky move. On a hot, sunny day, the temperature inside your car can rise quickly. Your iPhone should be kept in and environment that doesn't exceed 113 degrees Fahrenheit, but the internal temperature of your vehicle on a summer day can eclipse this mark. You'll avoid the device overheating and potentially needing to be repaired by always taking the phone when you leave the vehicle.

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