Just Moved And Your Computer No Longer Turns On? Get It Looked At By A Computer Repair Professional

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Just Moved And Your Computer No Longer Turns On? Get It Looked At By A Computer Repair Professional

28 June 2017
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When you move, it is not unexpected for certain things to sustain some damage or even break. You may not have known the perfect packing methods for a computer, so you tried your best by surrounding it with bubble wrap and driving with extreme caution. But, you may now be in your new home and your computer is not turning on. Instead of thinking that it is broken and must be replaced, you should contact a computer repair service to have them take a look at the computer to identify the situation.

Look at All the Connections

During a move, your computer may move around a decent amount inside the moving truck. This can lead to cable connections becoming loose or some cables even sustaining permanent damage. A professional will know exactly where the cables should go for your computer to be operational. This means they can inspect each cable and make sure they are all plugged into the right place to see if the computer works.

Replace Damaged Parts

If a repairman tries fixing the connections and it is still not working, they may have to replace parts. It may require that they remove some parts and try them out in a different computer to check each component, but this will lead to finding out the actual parts that are broken as opposed to replacing parts at random. Replacing parts in your computer is not such a bad outcome because you will essentially be upgrading your computer and getting better performance in some ways. A new processor or higher speed RAM will allow you to open programs faster and run more programs at the same time without having issues. So, if you have working parts that are outdated, you may still want to replace them alongside the repairs.

Get It Running Again

If there are parts that had to be replaced, you may not be able to just turn on the computer and expect everything to work again as normal. A new motherboard will require driver updates and a possible BIOS update, all of which a computer repair professional can handle in a short time frame. You may also want to utilize their services for making changes such as adding fans or putting in a Blu-ray drive.

Even if you have an old computer, you should not get rid of it when it stops working after a move. Getting professional help will bring your computer back to a state in which it works, and you are happy with it.