Two Signs That Your Remote Needs A New IR Emitter

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Two Signs That Your Remote Needs A New IR Emitter

19 September 2017
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Although you may use your remote on a rather frequent basis, it's likely that you've never given much thought to how it operates. As long as you're able to point to a device and input a demand that is executed by the appliance you're trying to operate, you might not worry about much else. The problem comes in when your remote starts giving you problems. The infrared (IR) emitter could be the problem. The infrared emitter (IR) is the part of the remote that lets you control an appliance without manually touching it. Use this information to learn more about how you can tell that the IR emitters in your remote needs to be replaced:

You Have To Point The Remote Directly At The Transmitter For It To Work

When the IR emitter in your remote is strong, you notice that you really don't have to point it directly at the transmitter in order for it to work. As long as the remote is facing the general direction of the device you'll usually find that the remote works just fine.

For example, you might have a set-top box on top of your television that is used to change the channels on your TV. You could be casually sprawled across your couch and enjoying a relaxing day in front of the tube. Just by holding the remote in your hand you'll find that the channels change at your whim.

However, if the IR emitter has started to falter, you'll notice that you have to sit up and point the remote directly at the box. If it still doesn't work you could become so frustrated that you start pounding the remote in your hands, trying to put some life back into it. This is a definite sign that the IR emitter in your remote needs to be replaced.

Batteries No Longer Do The Trick

It's common to think that any problem with a remote boils down to the need to get new batteries. This isn't always the case because the IR emitter can also be a huge culprit behind faulty remotes. If replacing the batteries doesn't make a difference, it's time to direct your attention to the emitter.

If you find that you need to replace your IR emitter but you aren't too technologically savvy, you can certainly hire a professional to do it for you. If you ever notice either of these signs, consider replacing your IR emitter right away.