Three Ways To Boost Attendance At Your School's Sports Games

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Three Ways To Boost Attendance At Your School's Sports Games

22 November 2017
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If you are a coach or administrator at a school, then you know how important attendance at sports games is. The more fans in the stands, the better the kids play. And the support shown by fans helps ensure the athletes know they are valued and talented. If attendance at your games has been a bit lacking, here are three ways you can help boost attendance.

Put Up a Display Sign In Front of the School

The problem might be that members of the community are not aware of when the sports games are scheduled. Older adults, especially, may not find out about games if they are only advertised online. A good way to spread the word about games is to invest in a digital display sign for the front of the school. The sign will come with software so you can change its text as needed. You can always display the times and dates of upcoming games on the sign, which will encourage community members to attend. 

Serve Better Food

It would be great if the game alone was enough to attract fans, but that's not always the case. Food is just part of the scene at a good game, so you might attract more fans if you serve better food. If you currently only serve hot dogs or pizza, try adding something more unique, like tacos to the menu. You can easily make "tacos in a bag" by scooping taco meat, cheese, lettuce, and taco sauce into bags of Doritos or Fritos. Serve donuts from a local bakery, unique candies, and anything else you think fans might enjoy.

Engage the Fans in the Cheers

The fans will have a better time and be more likely to come back if they feel like they are engaged in the game. One way to boost engagement is to have the cheerleaders include the fans in their cheers. Have them work on a few cheers in which they have the crowd repeat what they shout. Also, make some signs that you can have someone hold up when the home team's fans need to cheer. This will help get everyone excited when your team scores.

It might take a while to get your game attendance up, but once fans realize you have great food and lots of fun engagement at the games, they'll come back again and again. Make sure you keep your sign up to date, too, so guests can plan ahead and attend.