Is Your DJ Controller Failing? 3 Ways You Know It's Asking For Professional Repair

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Is Your DJ Controller Failing? 3 Ways You Know It's Asking For Professional Repair

10 November 2020
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The DJ controller is a critical tool for a seasoned DJ. The DJ uses it to mix his music and give you the concert experience of a lifetime. The machine is comprised of a user interface that has cables, backlit buttons, knobs, touch strips, encoders, jog wheels and faders, many other components. Because of the intricate nature of the gadget's design, it can be hard to figure out which part is malfunctioning when the unit starts responding oddly to your commands.

The best thing to do when the system falls apart, especially if you are new to using it, is to call a repair expert as soon as you start suspecting it has developed some issues. Here are three ways you can tell that all is not well with the DJ controller.

When the System Doesn't Connect to Windows

The DJ controller is very different from a mixer. A mixer can work independently and does not need to be hooked onto anything else to function. On the other hand, the controller has to be attached to a laptop to function properly. If you are trying to make this connection, and it is not working, it is the first indication of a software malfunction.

Try turning off both the computer and the controller. If they do not connect even when you turn it on again or when you try to link it with another laptop, call in a professional to inspect it.

When the Controller Won't Power Up

Two things can lead to the system refusing to power up. First, it could be issues with the software. Second, it could be a problem with the hardware, such as the power supply cables. If the supply cables have been weakened or damaged in any way, or a fuse has blown, power will not be going to the switchboard and other parts. Replacing the worn-out electrical part will fix this problem. On the other hand, if the software has developed a problem, call a professional for repair.

When the System Does Not Respond to You

Sometimes the buttons and the underlying electrical signaling-system break down. It could be the result of hitting the controller, dropping it, or simply the wear and tear that comes with time. When this happens, some of the buttons will stop working. 

The only way to fix these problems is to have a professional handle them. Choose a repair technician to inspect the controller and repair the problems they diagnose.

For more information about DJ controller repair, contact a local professional.