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When it comes to making your life a little easier, few things are as beneficial as the right electronics. When we started going through and upgrading our home, we realized that we wanted to install a brand new home automation system. We worked and worked on finding the right supplies and gadgets, and after reading a few online how-to guides, we finally pinned down some devices that we knew we would love. This blog is all about improving electronics at home and learning how to use them the right way. Check out this blog for more information on how to improve your life.


Is Your DJ Controller Failing? 3 Ways You Know It’s Asking For Professional Repair

10 November 2020
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The DJ controller is a critical tool for a seasoned DJ. The DJ uses it to mix his music and give you the concert experience of a lifetime. The machine is comprised of a user interface that has cables, backlit buttons, knobs, touch strips, encoders, jog wheels and faders, many other components. Because of the intricate nature of the gadget's design, it can be hard to figure out which part is malfunctioning when the unit starts responding oddly to your commands. Read More …

Why It’s Important To Buy The Right RF Amplifier

16 June 2020
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You might already realize that an RF amplifier is a great device for improving signal and communication with radios. You might know that you want to purchase an RF amplifier, but you might not really think that it will matter which RF amplifier you buy. However, it is important to carefully assess your needs for an RF amplifier and to take the time to purchase the RF amplifier that is going to be right for your needs. Read More …